Tai Chi BROAD Sword – Stainless Steel Longquan – 30″ – DM

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This Broad sword has a crack down the side of the scabbard. The rest of the sword is in good condition.

Kung Fu Broad Sword, Tai Chi Broad Sword. Beautifully designed and built by the world famous lonquan Factory. Excellent for Tai Chi, Kung Fu or chinese wushu training and competing. Made with good quality stainless steel means little maintainence and no oiling or grease as you would do with standard sword. and still great look.

The blade is slightly flexible towards the lower half of the blade to allow better manoeuvring. It is light weight and easy to handle perfect for all Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Wushu practice. an absoulute must have for any serious practitioners of Tai Chi Broad Swords.

We have Children size broad sword as well as Adult broad swords,  these broad sword are suitable to be used as Tai Chi broad sword or Kung Fu Broad swords. They are also suitable for all sort of Chinese Martial arts sword training.

850g without Scabbard
1.5kg with Scabbard
please note that weight are approximate and do vary slightly with different lengths

Note: Length is refer the the length of the blade only

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Weight 1500 g


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