Taking our China trips provide you with unique experiences to not only visit China with some of the most experienced Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong masters and highly experienced organisers, but also will provide you with a unique opportunity to train with world class masters and become some of the few people to attain certification in these Qigong systems, which will put you at the forefront in the field of these newly classified systems.

The organisers and teachers including Professor Li Deyin, Master Faye & Tary Yip and other famous Tai Chi Qigong and Kung Fu masters in China are some of the most renowned lineaged masters with long standing connection with many of the world renown grand masters in Kung Fu, Tai Chi & Qigong in China. We are one of the first organisations to bring enthusiasts to visit and train in China. Furthermore we are one of the official organisations to help Chinese provincial governments, national Sport Council and Chinese Tai Chi & Qigong associations to visit the UK. Since  1997 we have helped more than 15 organisations worldwide realised their dream of lifetime. We also work in association with Tai Chi Link, Specialist in Martial Arts exchanges and Equipment.

Whatever style of Tai Chi or Qigong disciplines you are practising, you will definitely find our trip beneficial to your quest for further understanding of Tai Chi as a whole, we work with associations of various styles and help bring their members to train with highly respected masters and experience the wonders of a great civilisation.

Partner associations, Schools we have worked with and helped organising trips to China;

  • Tai Chi Union for Great Britain
  • Longfei Taijiquan Association – UK
  • Cheng Manqing Tai Chi school – France
  • Perth Tai Chi group, – Australia
  • Chen Man Ching Tai Chi school – Finland
  • Saudia Arabia Tai Chi school – Saudi Arabia
  • Tai Chi Life Association – London
  • Rising Dragon Tai Chi Birmingham – UK
  • Dragon Spring Tai Chi school – Birmingham
  • Kaiming Tai Chi Association – UK
  • Zheng Zhou City Government – Zheng Zhou, China
  • Chinese Health Qigong Association – China

And our list partners is growing in the US, Italy, Holland, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Argentina and Japan.

In addition to receiving quality training you will be traveling with knowledgeable individuals who will not only provide you with a historical and philosophical background to Chinese Internal Arts but also a wealth of experiences in traveling to China.

Last but not least you will be traveling to some of the most breathtaking places seldom seen in the west and be inspired by the natural and spiritual finesse this great civilisation offers.

Because of our unique balance on training & sightseeing in our itinerary, it is also suitable for family & friends to join in the fun and adventure. 

All trips promoted here are organised by Deyin Event Management Ltd, for all trip information, terms and conditions please contact DEM direct on +44 7779 582940.