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Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions

What's included (unless specified otherwise in the respective trip itinerary):

  • seminar fees for all trainings (except optional trainings), certification teaching materials (if available)
  • All accommodations two people sharing (traveller not able to find a sharing partner or we are not able to match up with suitable person, single supplement will apply)
  • All transports (flights, coaches and train) in China except free times or self organise outings.
  • Most meals (breakfasts, lunches and some dinners) except the day of leisure and free activity, when members need to sort out their own luch and dinner.
  • First entry fees for the all attractions

What's Not included (unless specified in the itinerary):

  • Visa application fees (apply individually two months prior to travel)
  • Travel and medical insurance (compulsory)
  • Drinks with meals & extra orders for the meal
  • Transports to and from airports in the UK and during free activities in China
  • Single Room supplement (hotels) - (we'll try to match two single persons into one room, however, if it can't be done for any reasons, the single supplement will apply)
  • Gratuities for coach drivers and tour guide (please refer to suggestion in the cost page)
  • Personal expenses (gifts or personal necessities)
  • Duan Grading and extra optional trainings fees.

Return International Flight Tickets

  • Return International Flight Tickets - Flight tickets are purchased separately, on our customers behalf, through one of our Partner agents who is Atol and IATA registered. 
  • Non-direct flight one stop
  • Depart from Heathrow possibly with one of the European airlines including Chinese or any Arab airlines
  • Anyone in the UK wishes to fly with a preferred airline or organise their own flights will be subject to a Beijing airport pick up charge of £30

Participants from Europe, USA & other countries outside the UK will need to organise own international flights, however we will organise free pick up at airport at the city of arrivel specified on our itinerary.

Although we have budgeted international flights cost in our trips, we are not offering all inclusive packaged holidays. The return flight tickets will be purchased on your behalf through one of our appointed travel agents (ABTA Registered). It is therefore a contract between the client and the flight issuing agent. Participants of the trips have options to organise their own interantional flights.

All purchased tickets are non refundable nor transferable, should clients need to cancel the tickets for any reasons, we will apply on client's behalf for the refund of airport tax, which is likely to take 4-6 months to come through. Actual amount of tax refund is based on the refund from government after deduction of agent's fees.


It is absolutely essential for all travellers to purchase travel and medical insurance before the journey, should the unlikely events of all possible delays, cancellation, injury, loss of money, hospital treatment etc, Clients need to make their claims against their insurance. the Deyin Taijiquan institute and Tai Chi Link will make all neccessary effort to assist customers with their claims.

China Training & Sightseeing Packages:

Deyin institute is a non-profit organisation and all trips organised by us are provided by our appointed travel company (our appointed agents include CNPC international Travel Co Ltd etc.) in China, all payment collected from travelling members (except international flights costs incurred in the UK) will be paid directly via international bank transfer or other electronic means to the providing company or their representatives in China. Deyin Taijiquan Institute  or Tai Chi Link do not retain any money for profits, commission or remunerations.

Our Teachers in China and UK are some of the best Tai Chi, Qigong and Martial Arts Teachers highly respected throughout the world. all training a re provided by them and training fees included in the trip fees are paid weither through our appointed agents or direct to the teachers. 

There may be changes in sequence of our visit before or during the trip, We endeavour to inform all participants as soon as we are able to, however ther may be times that we have to adopt changes in the itinerary without prior notice to participants. All activities are subject to changes due to eent or circumstances which are out of our control, we will orgaise alternative replacement activities.


We will be staying in various hotels while we travel and they are generally good 2 / 3 Star standard, however, hotel with same rating may sometimes vary in conditions and standard of service depending on the city or town. we sometimes get good deals on 4 star hotels and in which case we will reserve the best standard we can get with our budget.

Please also note that hotels or accommodations when we visit small towns, on mountains or old town such as Wudang, Phoenix, Pingyao or even Zhang Jia jie etc will be basic since they are in the less affluent part of China, and good hotels are far and few between and could be rediculously expensive. However we try our best to find high qualtiy hotels that is available.

China is a vast country and getting from one place to another could mean a 2 thousand miles journey, the most effective way to travel is by train. During our trip in China, we will be making a few train journeys and they are usually 10-20 hours trip. We will stay in overnight sleeper cabins with 4 or 6 berths in 2 or 3 levels each cabin. they are no camparison to hotels but generally comfortable and clean. Also it is a great experience for people who want to know the real China and see the real countryside along the way.

We will inform our delegates of the condition of the hotels in advance.


Within a city or town, we usually travel by air-conditioned coach transfering from one attraction to another. On the free days or afternoons, there will be no transport for free acitivites, but taxi are very convenient and at a very reasonable cost if 3/4 people travel together. In big city like Beijing, there are also underground metro, which can practically get to all famous landmarks in Beijing. Best of all they only cost £0.30p, so it can be a great way to go around place on the free days or nights.

we travel between cities or provinces by train or flight, and they are as unrelaible and changeable as the ones in the west. please be aware that time given in the itinerary are only for reference only and the could be delay, prolong and cancel journeys we have no control on. therefore we will not be able to give any advance notice.

Right of Cancellation

We reserve the right to cancel or alter holiday arrangements at any time up to and including the departure date. Full refund of all monies will be made in the event of cancellation. Cancellations will be notified to clients without reasonable delay.


Deyin Taijiquan Insitute & Tai Chi Link are not travel agents or package holiday companies; we only act only in the capacity of an agent for the travelling members in all arrangements. expressly the Deyin Taijiquan institute & Tai Chi Link shall not be liable for any injury, death, accident, loss, damage, or irregularity which may be occasioned by neglect or default of any other company, or additional expenses due to delays or changes in flights, trains, coaches or other services, or because of strike, Natural Disasters, war, sickness, weather, quarantine or other causes. the contract is strictly between the travelling members & the package organising travel company in China.

Although we have budgeted the cost of international flights, they are not included in the trips as packaged holidays. We purchase the tickets on our participants' behalf through Atol / Abta register agents. the contract on the flights are purely between the particpants, ticket issuing agents and the airlines. Participants / travellers are free to organise their international ticket if they wish to do so. Deyin Taijiquan institute, Tai Chi Link or Tai Chi Link Management ltd are not responsable for any delays, cancellations of change of schedule, participants are responsible for liaising with flights issuing agents or airlines in case of changes, delay or cancellation.

However, Deyin Taijiquan Institute, Tai Chi Link and Tai Chi Link Management will do our utmost to assist our participants / travellers in any case of delay, changes or cancellation. 

Cancellation & Charges

Participants who wish to cancel confirmed trip bookings will be liable for the following cancellation charges (by the package providing companies UK or China) based on the time when we receive the notice of cancellation in writing.

Free cancellation within 30 days of booking the trip, and after this period a cancellation fee of £150 plus the below fees (where applicable, international flight tickets will not be included ) will apply;
A. 20 weeks prior to the departure date, the deposit of £800 is non-refundable. unless stated otherwise in the itinerary.
B. 12 weeks prior to departure date -50% of total cost.
C. 8 weeks prior to departure date -75% of total cost.
D. 4 weeks prior to departure date - 100% of total cost.

Please note that admin charges for credit card / Paypal payment or bank charges for sending money into our account will not be refunded regardless of time of cancellation.

Refund for cancellation of air / flights ticket Please note that international flights are normally non-refundable and non-transferable and most times non-amendable. we will inform our travelling members before we purchase the tickets. but once tickets are purchased the cost of the flights will not be refunded either from the issuing agents or the airlines. We will assist our cancelling members in dealing with airlines or travel agent should this unforseen event arises, however the outcome of the cencellation is subject to terms and condition of respective airlines or ticket issuing agents and does not form part of the cancellation charges above. It is our travlling members' responsibility to obtain relevant insurance to cover the potential loss due to cancellation, delay or changes of the flights. Again the tickets are purchase on our travelling members' behalf from a travel agents or th airlines and we therefore have no control of nor responsible for any changes, cancellation or delays.

Special notes: (Profit or Remunerations)
We are not travel agents or package holiday company, The Tai Chi & Qigong China Training and sightseeing trips are part of our organisation's active campaign in promoting cultural exchange, health cultivation and improving personal welbeing. This campaign is done through purchasing training and sightseeing packages provided by reputable travel agents in China on behalf of our participating members.

China Tai Chi & Qigong training trips are oganised by our volunteers of Deyin Taijiquan Insitute, Tai Chi Link and our other partners throughout the world are promoting these trips on a non profit basis. We organise the trips strictly on a valuntary / non-fee, no profits basis, All fees and payment are used to pay towards member's flight tickets and to travel agent in China, who makes all trip arrangement on our member's behalf.

All money collected from members of the trips are put into a community fund holding account and in turn totally used to purchase, on our travelling member's behalf, international flight tickets from a travel agent in the UK, pay for visa application (if included) through Chinese visa centre and pay for the training & sightseeing packages provided and charged by a travel company in China as well as any activities associated with the trips. This way we can obtain best value for money at bulk booking price on unique training experience in China for our members, which is much lower than standard price of a tour from a UK travel agent. It also saves our travelling members from additional expenses on local & international bank charges. There will be no profits retain by us or our partner schools.

We do not run Tai Chi China trips or Retreats as a business nor do we retain any money for profits, commission or remunerations. The flights contract is entirely between our travelling members and the flight issuing travel agent either in UK or in China; and the training and sightseeing package contract is entirely between our travelling members and the trip package providing companies in China. Deyin Taijiquan Institute / Tai Chi Link is merely acting as non profit make intermediary liaising the trip organising on behalf of our travelling members with the package providing companies in China.

All confirmation of payment issued by Deyin Taijiquan Institute, Tai Chi Link or our partners electronically via emails or paper form through posts are for reference only and they are not business invoices nor tax receipts. Official receipt is available on request to individual travelling member or as group with names of travellers stated by the flight issue agent and/or by the trip package providing travel agents in China which we will pass them on to our travelling members for our travellig member's record or tax purposes. please note that receipt will only be issued when full payment for th trip is made. 

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