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Internal Arts

Xing Yi Quan is one of the three major internal Martial arts, Instructional DVDs on the 5 elements fists, Linking fists, twelve animals form, Xing YI sword, Broad Sword, by Famous Masters such as Professor Li De Yin, Di Guo yong.......

Ba Gua Zhang is recognized as one of the three orthodox "internal" styles of Chinese martial art (the other two being Xing Yi Quan and Tai Ji Quan). Ba Gua literally translates to Eight trigrams. These trigrams are symbols which are used to represent all natural phenomena as described in the ancient Chinese text of divination, the Book of Changes (Yi Jing). Zhang means palm and designates Ba Gua Zhang as a style of martial art, which emphasizes the use of the open hand in preference to the closed fist. Ba Gua Zhang, as a martial art, is based on the theory of continuously changing in response to the situation at hand in order to overcome an opponent with skill rather than brute force.

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