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Traditional Sun Style Taijiquan
The Development and Practice of Sun Style     孙式太極拳 By Faye Yip (Li) Sun Style Tai Chi was created by Great Grand Master Sun Lu Tang, one of China's most prominant Martial Arts Master in recent Chinese History. He was also a highly accomplished Xing Yi and Bagua Master. As the most senior student of Sun Lu Tang, my great grand father Grand Master Li Yu Lin was one of the main disciples assisted and represented Sun in his teaching.  Deyin Taijiquan Institute is...
SUN STYLE TAI CHI is NOT Martial Arts and only for the Elderly?
wow! I was asked this question and was surprised that so many people still know little AND have such misguided perception about this fantastic Tai Chi system Before answering this question, lets look at the origin of it. Sun Style Tai Chi was created by one of the best martial artists, Grand Master Sun Lu Tang, in China's recent history. Grand Master Sun was like Yip Man of the north of China except his time was earlier in the late 1800 and early 1900, he was highly accomplished in Xing Yi,...
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