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News: SUN STYLE TAI CHI is NOT Martial Arts and only for the Elderly?

Article Date(s):02/22/2017

Image may contain: 1 personwow! I was asked this question and was surprised that so many people still know little AND have such misguided perception about this fantastic Tai Chi system

Before answering this question, lets look at the origin of it. Sun Style Tai Chi was created by one of the best martial artists, Grand Master Sun Lu Tang, in China's recent history. Grand Master Sun was like Yip Man of the north of China except his time was earlier in the late 1800 and early 1900, he was highly accomplished in Xing Yi, Bagua and Tai Ji / Tai Chi, highly respected and often regarded by other great masters of the time as a unique master rarely seen in the circle of Chinese Martial Arts.

He skillfully combined the essence, philosophy and martial aspects of this three major internal arts, together with his deep knowledge on Yi Jing / Book of Change, Chinese Medicine and energy works, and created a unique and comprehensive Internal style of Tai Chi.

Like other styles of Tai Chi, Sun Style movements contains all martial applications and energy boosting combat skills.Best of all, it contains three effective martial system in one making it one of the most effective self defence Tai Chi styles available.

SO ANSWER TO THE QUESTION! Sun style Tai Chi is a martial arts in all aspects!Image may contain: 1 person, shoes

Remember, it is not the art, it is the person who practices it.

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Date: 18/19 Mar 2017

Time: 10am - 4pm

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Just a little glimpse of the style;


Article written by;

Master Tary, who is the 4th genration direct lineage bearer of Traditional Sun style Tai Chi. He is the indoor disciple of Professor Li Deyin, whose grant father, Li Yu Lin, was the most senior student of Sun Style Tai Chi founder Grnad Master Sun Lu Tang. 

Master Tary is one of the highest authority on traditional Sun sTyle Tai Chi in the UK and Europe. He travels throughout the UK, Europe and the world to teach orthodox Sun Style Tai Chi as it was taught by Sun Lu Tang and Li Yu Lin.

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