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Tai Chi Summer Retreat & Exchange Tournament 2019

Legend of Tai Chi
China - UK Tai Chi International Summer Retreat 2019
Jiu Hua International Tai Chi Exchange & Tournament
2019 九华山国际太极拳友谊赛 中英太极国际夏令营

Lead by Professor Li Deyin & his team of Master Teachers & in association with the Sport Council China
6th – 23rd August 2019

14 days - £1795.00 or 18 Days - £2095.00 (with flights from UK Book before 31.03.19)
14 days - £1195.00 or 18 Days - £1495.00 (without international flights) (Book before 31.03.19)

(Normal price 14 Days - £1895.00 / 18 Days £2195.00 after 31.03.19)

Deyin / BHQA / Longfei Members £100 off

Shanghai / Mt Jiu Hua / Yellow mountain / Mt. Wudang / Beijing

This incredible trip is organised by the Deyin Taijiquan Institute in association with the Mt Jiu Hua development corporation and with the support of the Chinese National Sport council. The trip consists of three fantastic events put together as into one unique experience.

There will be exciting exchanges and friendly competition between enthusiasts in China and Tai Chi fans from outside of China. The tournament we will be attending is a great platform to create lasting friendships, exchange practice experience and be inspired by Tai Chi players of different styles and lineage.

After the tournament we will have in-depth training on some of the most popular routines taught by a world class Masters teaching team lead by internationally respected Tai Chi and Kung Fu Grand Master, Professor Li Deyin. The training will cover the standardised routines practiced by millions of people in the world, the traditional Wudang system as well as the traditional Sun style Tai Chi.

Masters of the team, Master Faye Master Tary and Professor Zhang Jie (Beijing Teaching University) are direct lineage masters of the styles they will teach and enthusiasts will learn the most authentic and most accurate details and essence of the routines.

Best of all, Professor Li Deyin will be at hand in the training to offer some of the inner essence and practice tips. He will also conduct an evening lecture on the important philosophy and principles of Tai Chi.

After the exciting tournament and fun retreat, we will travel to visit the legendary birthplace of Tai Chi, the Wudang mountain, where we will see breath-taking scenery and enjoy the spiritual finesse of the sacred Taoist mountain. We will also practise Tai Chi on the mountain. There may also be opportunity to exchange with Tai Chi enthusiasts in the local town.

This trip is suitable to enthusiasts of all disciplines, all levels and all ages. Family and friends are welcome to join the trip to explore the five thousand years old civilisation of China.

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