Mountain & Cruise - Splendid China 2018

1st – 15th April 2018
          Early Booking - 15 Days - £2180.00  (Book before 31st Dec 2017)
Normal Price - 15 Days - £2300.00 (after 31st Dec 2017)

Participants of the Tai Chi Inter-Fest 2017 will get extra £50.00 off the fees above

BHQA / DEYIN / LONGFEI Members further £100.00 Off (book before 31st Dec 2017)

Fantastic Training
Suitable for enthusiasts of all levels & disciplines

  • Sun Style Tai Chi (38 Step)
  • Yang Style 24 Step Taijiquan
  • Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong 12 Fa Health Qigong
  • Daoyin Bao Jian Qigong (health Preservation)
  • Tai Chi Push Hand
  • Tai Chi in the park

Trainings are likely to be outdoor; please bring sun cream and wind proof jackets.

This is a trip organised by Deyin Taijiquan institute in association with Longfei Taiji Association, designed to encourage cultural exchange between China and the Western world, It is also a fantastic opportunity to see some of China’s most amazing landmarks and experience real Chinese culture at it’s best and doing lots of Tai Chi and Qigong along the way.  

Soul touching culture indulgence is followed by the most famous forest park, Zhang Jia Jie, beautiful landscape that inspired the director of the film “Avatar” to design the floating mountain using the scene in the forest park.

Then we will immerse ourselves in the ethnic minority culture in the ancient town “Feng Huang”. Culture, History and beauty can’t get any better anywhere else in the world.

Following the mountain and culture exploration, we will settle ourselves in the relaxing mode and go on incredible Yangtse cruise, on the curise we will see amazing culture, mind blowing scenery and practise lots of Tai Chi and Qigong.

Finally we will travel to Beijing, where member will have the opportunity to explore the Capital of one of this 5000 year old civilisation. This is truly an enlightening trip for the mind and body.

This trip will be lead by Master Faye Li) Yip, one of Europe's most respect Tai Chi Qigong Masters and Master Simon Wason, Highly respected teacher in the UK. 

To Book: print out booking form, fill it and return to address below

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