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Body and Mind China Retreat 2018

7th - 24th Oct 2018
 14 Days - £1895.00 / 18 Days - £2050.00

Further £50.00 off  for
Deyin, BHQA members and Tai Chi Interfest (2017 or 2018) Participants 

Fantastic Training
Suitable for enthusiasts of all levels & disciplines

  • Sun Style Tai Chi (38 Step)
  • Yang Style 24 Step Taijiquan & applications
  • Health Qi Gong Da Wu
  • Health Qi Gong Yi Jin Jing
  • Mind & Qi Meditation
  • Tai Chi in the park

Trainings are likely to be outdoor; please bring sun cream and wind proof jackets.

China has bcome the second largest economy in the world and fascination on Chinese culture and history is growing even stronger. The Body and Mind Tai Chi Qi gong Retreat is a great opportunity to experience the beautiful culture of this 5000 year old civilisation, enjoy the magnificent secenery and soul soothing canal town. During this trip we will also visit one of China's most sacred Bhuddist mountain Mt. Jiu Hua and historic temples to explore the philosophy of living in hermony with nature and the universe.

As well as travelling to some of China most famous and beautiful cities such as Shanghai, Hang Zhou, and Su Zhou, we will also be visit some of China's famous unversities - Shanghai University of Physical enducation and Wuhan University of Physical education. These two University are two of the main institute involving in development and promotion of Tai Chi & Health Qigong for Health and wellbeing. We will meet Qi Gong Grand master and professors in the university and learn fabulous health Qigong exercises. and possibly great exchagne with students too. 

This trip is organised by one of Europe's leading Tai Chi and Health Qigong Associations, the Deyin Taijiquan Institute in association with various well respected Tai Chi and Qigong professors in China to provide world class training. We also team up with a reputable travel agent in China to provide good qulaity travel arrangements. This trip will be lead by Master Tary Yip, one of Europe's most respect Tai Chi Qigong Masters.

Definitely an enlightening trip for the mind and body not to be missed!!

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