Overview - Trip Apr 2017

Tai Chi Qigong Cultural China tour 2017
1st – 18th April 2017
18 days - £1880.00
including international flights
Beijing / Xi’an / Wudang Mountain / Cheng Du

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Culture and Health Tai Chi and Qigong China trip April 2017 covers fantastic Tai Chi & Health Qigong training & exchange with highly respected teachers from China and UK, take our path on enlightening Taoist pilgrimage, we will also see Giant Panda in real life, be inspired by one of the biggest and oldest Hillside Carving of Buddha Statute, come face to face with the two thousand years old world renowned Terracotta Warriors as well as the world Famous Wudang Mountain to be inspired by this sacred Tai Chi and Taoist mountain.

This is a unique opportunity for enthusiasts of Tai Chi, Qigong, Martial Arts and Chinese culture to experience some of China's best. Whether you are a novice, intermediate or advance practitioner, or just simply want to have a trip of a lifetime, you will not find another trip more fulfilling and enlightening. your friends and family are welcome too.


·       Beijing - Great WallForbidden CityTemple of HeavenTai Chi, Qigong and meditation training with world class masters . 

·       Cheng Du - visit the Giant Panda conservation base, Le Shan Giant Buddha Hillside Statute. Beautiful Ancient Town with lots of culture and history.

·       Xi'an - visit Terra Cotta Warriors - one of the most famous discovery in world's history, clay statutes dates back 2000 years. and  Wild Goose Pagoda - Buddhist temple with 2000 years of history, a breath-taking architectural building. City Wall - one of the oldest and most well preserved city wall in China

·       Wudang Mountain - Sacred Taoist mountain, legendary birthplace of Wudang Tai Chi. learn Wudang Qigong & Meditation from Taoist monks.

Beautiful landscape on the sacred mountain of Wudang



Tai Chi & Qigong training (suitable for all levels – novice, intermediate & Advance alike)

Trainings are suitable for enthusiasts of all level and disciplines, however, they are not compulsory sessions and participants can choose to practise or just simply opt to have lazy and relaxing mornings. If times allowed, we could also organise extra activities for non-training participants at their own costs.

This trip will be led by Master Tary, one of Europe's highly respected Tai Chi and Qigong Teacher. He is the indoor disciple of Professor Li Deyin. 

It is promised to be fun, educating, soul lifting and enlightening. not sure? look at our testimonials from trip members.

Tai Chi   太極拳

  • Yang Style Tai Chi - Yang Style Tai Chi is the most practised Style in the world, We will be learning the traditional form with masters from Yang Family lineage (in Yang Family home town) as well as the 24 step simplified routine is the most widely practised standardised Taijiquan routine in China, but also the most popular form all over the world with over 100 million people practising it daily. It is structure from the traditional Yang form and is regarded as a great representation of traditional Yang Style Tai Chi. There is a saying “When you know the 24 step Simplified Taijiquan; you will find friends in any corner of the Earth”.

Health Qigong

  • Ma Wang Dui Health Qigong - Purpose of the exercises is to increase internal energy circulation through spiritual cultivation and physical exercises so as to improve health and fitness.

It improves the cardiovascular function and helps to cure such illnesses as coronary artery scleroses and osteoporosis. It strengthens one's immune system to a degree, delays the aging process and also improves one's mental health.

24 Step Tai Chi Form Health Qigong Ma Wang Dui

Wudang Qigong & Meditation (optional)

Wudang Qigong - Wudang is famous for it's sacredness as a Taoist mountain and legendary as the birthplace of Tai Chi, delegate will have the opportunity to train with a highly skilled and well respected Taoist monk with in-depth knowledge on Wudang Tai Chi and Taoist meditation.  

What you will get;

  • Improve your general health learn one of the most popular exercises in the world
  • raise the standard of your practice to higher level with highly respected teachers.
  • visit great places & meet people that you will remember and enjoy for years to come enjoy
  • a fabulous holiday with great food, great culture and great fun

Who can join the trip

All Tai Chi & Qigong practitioners, family and friends are welcome to join us on this fantastic trip. 

The aim of this trip is to offer participants a variety of experiences, as well as visits to great sights, magnificent landscapes & diving cultural and spiritual landmarks, there are also excellent choices of Martial Arts, Tai Chi & Qigong training suitable for enthusiasts of all disciplines, levels and abilities.

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